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Model El7B - Manufactured 1938 serial # 198 - NC 57829 TT=120 hours since rebuild

Paint IMRON type. Color red with maroon trim. Pin stripped in gold.

- Interior finished in beautiful two tone maroon pleated leather to compliment exterior.

Fully IFR. For Thumbnail Pictures from all angles click here.

Rebuild completed-Dec. 93' by Doc's Aero Service, Sandwich, IL. Annual insp. completed in March 95' TotalTime-120 hrs since the rebuild. Last oil analysis taken at annual inspection - Shows OK. This is an outstanding Staggerwing. Everything is like new. Aircraft was featured in February 1995 issues of Vintage Airplane and Sport Aviation magazines. This aircraft also won an outstanding antique award at Lakeland FL. in 1994. The aircraft flies great and I would not consider selling, except I am now retired and on a much smaller fixed income. Trade down considered. Cash sale preferred.


Rebuilt by Jacob's Service, INC.

R-755b (275h.p.) serial # 12515 Engine overhauled to new spec.

Jasco 50 amp alternator installed -l2volts. New ignition harness installed.

New Weldon elec. Fuel boost pump and primer installed.

Old wobble pump rebuilt and left in place.

Round oil cooler removed(to difficult to rebuild and clean) and new Harrison oil cooler installed. This cooler is used on the new Wacos and works great.

Oil cooler is installed on firewall. New champ rem-40 spark plugs installed.

New exhaust collector ring installed. Push rods chromed.

All wiring new. All new c/b installed. All accessories new or overhauled.

Engine mount stripped, checked for cracks and rust proofed.

Cylinders painted black. Nose case painted to match stripe.


Hamilton Standard hub 2B20 with -9 blades.

Prop. Overhauled and blades mirror finished. Spinner painted color of stripe.


Fuselage has all new wood. Tubing stripped and rust proofed.

Tail wheel retract spring system installed. New tail wheel doors.

New tail wheel and tube at last annual. New main tires and tubes at rebuild.

New Cleveland wheels and brakes installed. Strobe light top and bottom of fuselage.

New battery recessed in baggage compartment which is finished off and carpeted.

All new control cables. Flap and gear motors rebuilt.

Chain flap drive removed and cable drive system installed as on D model.

Rebuilder stated that it is the smoothest working gear system he has worked 0n.

- Gear doors fit good

New sealed beam landing lights installed.

New heated pitot tube installed.


Rebuilt as necessary. Original nav lights cleaned and re-installed.

Flying wires checked for airworthiness - polished and re-installed (some are new).

Covering - Ceconite (close weave).


Finished in beautiful two tone maroon pleated leather and compliments exterior color.

Two fresh air eye ball outlets in the rear.

Two fresh air eye ball outlets in the instrument panel.

All new wood trim. All new side glass (clear).

New plexiglass windshield (2 piece). Smoke tinted.


Crackle finish in black. Panel is angled out on the right to accommodate radios

Padded glare shield. JPI - exhaust and cylinder indicating system installed.

RCA-21-23 horizon. - System indicates temp. On all 7 cylinders and exhaust's.

JPI-electric outside air temp. Vert. Card D.G.

PAI-700 mag. Compass mounted on windshield frame.

All instruments new or overhauled. Post lighting and map lights.

IFR certified.


Mark 12D with IDME-891 indicator. Narco 810-standby comm.

Narco transponder at-150 with AR 850 encoder.

Trimble-3000 GPS/LORAN with separate King KI-203 ind.

Audio panel-Narco CP 136M. Eo-1 ACT ELT.

Nat intercomm (2 outlets in rear and 2 in front). Bendix remote compass system.

Radio rack blower fan.

IFR certified.

All radios work great. Retirement forces sale due to reduced fixed income.

Sell at loss $210,000. Consider trade down to Bonanza. Prefer Cash Sale.

Owner: James Bohlander (847)683-3352

EMail Jim in Illinois if you want more ( Summer

48W840 Chandelle Dr.

Hampshire, IL 60140

EMail me if you want me to track Jim down for you. I'll know where he is.

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