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ALC Albert L Clark

Chatham Ct

Norman, Ok 73072

Dear Ms Poppins

Craig Decker, an average college student, wakes up on a small spaceship as its sole occupant and discovers he is the captain with a mission. SHIP has more capability than the U.S.S. Enterprise from Star Trek. Its mission is to advance Earth science to evacuate as many people as possible before Earth is destroyed in an asteroid storm, as yet undiscovered by Earth. SHIP needs a captain to perform its mission. The ship is laid out like an extremely large and expensive one bedroom apartment. The only room out of place is the control room, which looks like a control room instead of a swank modern apartment. Outside it looks like a flying saucer. The ship calls itself SHIP.

Craig learns that SHIP has been working to advance Earth science through a series of captains for the last 10,000 years since Atlantis was destroyed and men were bombed back to the stone age.SHIP was left here by Atlantis expressly for this purpose. Previous captains have included Aristotle, Nostradamus, da Vinci, Ben Franklin and more recently Tesla, Einstein and Von Braun. Most did their best to advance the mission, but some had used SHIP to get rich or famous and set the mission of SHIP backwards. Now there is no time left. Never has SHIP chosen one so young, but he will be the last captain, for better or for worse, as the asteroid storm is approaching. SHIP has all the knowledge of Atlantis up until its destruction 10,000 years ago and all the knowledge of current Earthman for the last 10,000 years, but SHIP is only a computer that is run by sophisticated programming. It is incapable of improvising like its human captain. SHIP's decision making is limited to selecting captains, following orders, and, if the captain does not work toward the mission, SHIP can teleport the captain to Earth and just ignore him while it selects a new captain. SHIP can see through Craig's eyes and hear through his ears. SHIP can instantly telepathically plant answers in Craig's mind, but Craig has to take the actions and try to impart the knowledge to others.

Craig, unfortunately, is a typical college student who has some fun with the SHIP's power, but fortunately still has the idealism to come back on track and work toward the mission. As the story unfolds, Craig comes to the conclusion that women are more important than men in exploring space. They are stronger for their weight, they require less food, and they are just as smart as men. When a new world needs conquering with no second wave of ships coming, women must outnumber the men. How will Craig advance the right technologies? How will he convince the kings and presidents that they are not coming on this mission? How are the survivors of Earth selected?

"Ancient Destiny" has approximately 80,000 words of non-stop action, but no violence. It is the first in a new science fiction series of novels telling the story of mankind's forced trip to the stars. There will be at least five books in the series. The idea is new and the series should not only appeal to typical science fiction readers, but bring more women into the male world of science fiction.

I am an older college graduate, with one more to put through college. I have written large amounts of non-fiction including concept papers for future warfare and long range military planning doucments. I would be happy to share more information if desired, but prefer to let the novel speak for itself. I would be most pleased to send the complete manuscript for novel one of this series.

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