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Albert L. Clark 3621 Chatham Ct

Norman, Ok 73072

Dear Editor,

My novel, "The Price of Peace", was inspired by Nostradamus and the US Air Force Air War College. In 1981 I attempted to put the verses in order of their historical occurrence and then use a computer to find the correct sequence to see if I could then use that numerical sequence to put the future verses in sequence. As I did this I put the future verses in a separate stack. Before I finished the initial historical sorting, I discovered that I my future stack had World War III. It had the political climate, the initial skirmishes, and the major battles. The battles described the weapons used as well as the locations. I put these verses into the correct sequence and entered them on my computer. Just another book on Nostradamus is not needed. I wrote a novel that brings life to the otherwise dry predictions and serves as a warning to the western world.

The book starts with a HEMP event (High-altitude Electro Magnetic Pulse), or a nuclear explosion in low earth orbit. Most people in would not know that the United States had decisively lost the first battle. When morning comes they find the United States has essentially lost its electricity for a long time to come. All not specifically protected transistors are burned out, no telephones, no television or radio, no electronic fuel injection or ignition. Without communication or transportation, the cities are looted and burned with no fire departments or police able to intervene. The national guard cannot be called to active duty. Hero number 1 tells the story of the United States after this event. Hero number 2 is an enlisted tank commander who tells the story in Europe. The novel tells the recovery of the United States, the war on the continent and the eventual United States impact on the war.

In 1989 I got my sister interested in a skirmish from my book and she wrote a war game to counter it. General Swartzkof, General Powell, and other key generals attended her war games. The scenario, Iraq takes over Kuwait and attacks Saudi Arabia. You guessed it, the war game was completed in June before the real attack into Kuwait. The generals followed the war game scenario to beat Iraq. The problem is that they did not understand that this was only a test to find out about our weapons and tactics. I removed this episode from the novel because like other parts of the novel, it is now history.

Tom Clancy and Dale Bond novel readers and the science fiction readers should find my novel compelling to read. I hope that the politicians and military will also read the book.

I found it more enjoyable to write than to read. It is now complete. I printed a few copies for my college graduate friends and family to read (and edit). I will be most happy to send the complete manuscript if requested.

Albert L. Clark

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