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The Price of Peace

Nutshell Version

The novel uses verses from Nostradamus to describe the battles and action that could not be done justice with fiction taking place over years during a long world war. Yes, Nostradamus provided my outline in too much detail. The novel adds fictional characters to make it fun to read and to involve the readers to help them better understand the horror of the next war that is surely coming with the disarmament of the United States. This novel has several main characters to describe the non-stop action from several sides.

The first "Hero" is a Facil Saud, a Saudi prince forced to cooperate in a Chinese and Arab attempt to conquer the world. He feigns cooperation and sees the war from the Arab side. He fades from the novel after his escape to the United States.

The first main "Hero" is Jim Claris. He is a government civilian on business in Los Angeles. A HEMP event occurs that destroys all transistors in the United States. He links up with two would be actresses, bar girls, Darcy and Shelby, that he casually knows that have a pre-1975 Mercury without electronic ignition and fuel injection. They escape from the looting and burning of Los Angeles and head east to find Jim's wife and children. Their adventures across the United States tell of the good people they find everywhere, but also about the looting and burning of city dwellers without food and police intervention. His ideas of new weaponry help the United States become strong again.

The third "Hero" introduced is Henry Lakeman, a U.S. Air Force Colonel who becomes one of the ranking generals of the war. His early actions are what is required of military leadership in the crazy United States after a HEMP event.

The forth and final "Hero" is the real main hero and is Technical Sergeant Walter Gaddis along with "Heroine" Bridget Bonalade. He is a tank commander of a U.S. M1A2 tank that is moved around Europe and finally committed to a losing battle. He is caught behind Arab lines in France and meets Bridget. Together they fight with the resistance until finally escaping to England. His experience and knowledge gained with the resistance quickly gains him field promotions to Lieutenant General by the end of the war. Readers like this character the best. His experiences tell the story of the war in Europe.

The novel is 200,000 words of non-stop action minus a couple of thousand words directly from Nostradamus.

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